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  • Global Campaign for Peace Education Newsletter (monthly)
    The monthly newsletter of the Global Campaign for Peace Education features articles and news as to how and where the GCPE network is active and growing. It includes a monthly introductory letter from a member of the GCPE; reports from the field chronicling successes and challenges; profiles of peace educators; listing of events, conferences, and trainings in peace education from around the world; new publications in the field; job postings; and occasional action alerts.

    Submissions are encouraged! Please contribute how you are working for peace education including dates, locations, a brief description, and a website and or contact information and send it to news@peace-ed-campaign.org

    The Global Campaign for Peace Education has two goals:

    1. To see peace education integrated into all curricula, community and family education worldwide to become a part of life;

    2. To promote the education of all teachers to teach for peace.

  • Peace Action Alerts Mailing List (as they occur)
    The Peace Action Alerts mailing list has been created so that as we become aware of opportunities and necessities for action, we can immediately forward them to our members. We want to distinguish this list from our other newsletters because the frequency we send emails will be determined by the alerts we receive.


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